Working at JIS

Open Employee Positions:
Licensed LPC, LCSW, LMFT $75hr
Dually Licensed LCADC & LAC/LSW/LAMFT $75hr
New LAC, LSW, LAMFT $45hr

Bilingual/English LCADC $45hr
Bilingual/English PhDs $45hr
Bilingual/English Child Advocacy & Policy $45hr
Bilingual/English Clinical Assistants (BA) $25hr
PAID 📚 Masters Internships 💵 $25hr
Bilingual/English Mentors $20hr
Clinical Supervisors *must have ACS or CCS

Full-Time Employee Benefits: 100% contribution to Medical – Dental – Vision insurance
Part-Time Employee Benefits: retirement 401(k) and Direct Deposit also

All staff receive travel benefits when traveling to the youth’s home. Support staff receive weekly clinical supervision, additionally for New Jersey state licensure.

We are hiring Licensed Providers LPC, LMFT and LCSW clinicians in multiple county areas. 🏠Jersey Innovative Services is also offering other mental health positions of LAC, LAMFT and LSW- with clinical supervision- for more experience working with children/youth in crisis and family conflict. Counseling services support youth and their families with a state-wide mental health program in their homes.

Come be a part of the JIS team:
– continue learning from your Masters
– program can help you be more confident
– counseling with support
– move at your own pace
– learn about youth in crisis
– build knowledge in family conflict
– increase your comfort level
– in session supervision
– build a peer, professional network

🏠Jersey Innovative Services is also looking for BA, ABAs, clinical supports & mentors. Those candidates interested in working with children, youth and parents/guardians in the community holding high school & Bachelor’s degrees in a related field. Jersey Innovative Services offers paid internships to students working towards their master’s degree in Counseling, Family Therapy & Social Work in partnership with approved university sites, **info on INTERNSHIPS HERE**

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, help mold a youth, and support our mission to strengthen our community, then come be a part of JIS! Perfect situation for:
– giving back to the community
– entering into teaching
– going into counseling or social work
– experience in social services
– recent college graduates
– retired professionals
– paraprofessionals
– part-time employment

Behavioral Assistants (BAs) are clinical support staff working as part of a team collaborating with a care/case manager, licensed clinician and the child’s other team providers. Clinical support staff help children and youth in our community. *MUST be 21 or older and 1 year experience working with children. Bachelors degree preferred. 

Mentors meet with youth building confidence, finding jobs, practicing interviewing skills and exploring vocations. A mentor can also assist increasing social skills and building community opportunities, and locate recreational outlets. With college sites of psychology, criminal justice, and social work, students have PAID INTERNSHIPS from approved locations:
*MUST have a High School diploma, can be 18, 19 0r 20 years old and 1 year experience working with children,

Licensed providers send your resume 🙂 to
Interns/BAs send your resume 🙂 to

Applicants must work in person in NJ and be APPROVED to work in the United States. 

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