We are hiring

Open Employee Positions:
    Licensed Therapists $75hr
    Newly Licensed Therapists $45hr
    Behavioral Assistants (BA) $25hr
    Certified/Registered Interpreters $25hr
    Bilingual Parent Mentors $20hr
    Bilingual Youth Mentors $20hr
    PAID University Internships $25hr
    Clinical Supervisors *must have ACS

Full-Time Employee benefits: JIS 100% contribution to Medical insurance, Dental, and Vision. All staff receive travel benefits when traveling to the youth’s home. Support staff receive weekly clinical supervision. Send your resume 🙂 to: Info@JerseyInnovativeServices.com 

We are hiring Licensed Providers LPC and LCSW clinicians in multiple county areas. 🏠Jersey Innovative Services is also offering other mental health positions of LAC and LSW with clinical supervision for more experience working with children/youth in crisis and family conflict. Counseling services support youth and their families with a state-wide mental health program in their homes. 

Come be a part of the JIS team:
– continue learning from your Masters
– can help you be more confident
– counseling with support
– move at your own pace
– learn about youth in crisis
– knowledge in family conflict
– increase your comfort level
– in session supervision
– build a peer, professional network


🏠Jersey Innovative Services is also looking for interns, assistants & mentors. Those candidates interested in working with children, youth and parents/guardians in the community holding high school & Bachelor’s degrees in a related field.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, help mold a youth, and support our mission to strengthen our community, then come be a part of JIS! Perfect situation for:
– giving back to the community
– entering into teaching
– going into counseling or social work
– experience in social services
– recent college graduates
– retired professionals
– paraprofessionals
– part-time employment

Behavioral Assistants (BAs) also known as clinical assistants work as part of a team collaborating with a care/case manager, mental health therapist and partners. Assistants help children and youth in our community WITH PAID INTERNSHIPS in partnership with approved sites of counseling and social work from:
– Kean University
– Georgian Court University
– Fairleigh Dickinson University
– University of Central Florida
– Rutgers University
– Nova Southeastern University
– Grand Canyon University
– Monmouth University
– Regent University
*MUST have a Bachelors Degree in related field and 1 year experience working with children. 

Mentors meet with youth building confidence, finding jobs, practicing interviewing skills and exploring vocations. A mentor can also assist increasing social skills and building community opportunities, and locate recreational outlets WITH PAID INTERNSHIPS with approved sites of psychology and social work from:
– Georgian Court University
– Montclair State University
*MUST have a High School diploma and 1 year experience working with children. 

Applicants must live in NJ, PA, NY and be APPROVED to work in the United States. Send your resume 🙂 to: Info@JerseyInnovativeServices.com

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