Mobile Response

New Jersey FREE mental health

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Family in Crisis?
Child out of control?

At home often arguments get heated,

Situations get out of control,

families call the police.

Making crisis calls to Mobile Response hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week: Services are available to help children and teenagers who are experiencing an emotional or behavioral crisis. The services are designed to defuse an immediate crisis, keep children and their families safe, and maintain the children in their own homes.

Children’s system of care program is monitored by the insurance provider PerformCareNJ. The program is funded by the Department of Children and Families in New Jersey, for prevention and intervention services to children and teenagers. Services are free, private and confidential.

call (877) 652 – 7624

Families contact PerformCareNJ representative on the phone, be prepared to tell the worker:

1. things happening for your child at home

2. issues in school and in the community

3. any new behaviors or mental health issues

4. concerns with Autism, ASD or Developmental Disabilities/Services

5. past interventions and mental health history

6. your worries about your child?

7. why do you need Mobile Response to come out today?

If you find you have
dug yourself in a hole,
stop digging!
FREE fast, immediate services in New Jersey
Call 877-652-7624 for Mobile Response Crisis Unit
Call 988 if you have thoughts of Suicide
Call 211 if you need to talk to a Social Worker

FREE texting sites to Counselors
Text HOME to 741741 to talk to a crisis counselor on the crisis text line in United States
Texto con la palabra AYUDA al 741741 para comunicarte de manera gratuita con un Consejero
Hopeline 855-654-6735 to talk to a counselor by phone, internet or text in New Jersey
Youth Text/Call 888-222-2228 to talk to a Counselor in New Jersey

FIND a Counselor
LOCATOR Map for Mental Health Counseling Program in your Community by zip code
Search for a clinician by their bio, language, your insurance and zip code.
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