Consent to Services

Agreement for TeleHealth/Health Services 
Family centered services with Jersey Innovative Services

Privacy Practices: The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Privacy Rule − requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without client authorization. ( 

Protected Health Information (PHI) − protection applies to information collected from the individual or received by other team members agreed participants ( Jersey Innovative Services follows Federal, 42 CFR Part 2, State and HIPAA regulations to protect your confidentiality and asks permission to release information on you or your family.

Limits to Privacy: Federal law authorizes disclosure of information when there is: harm to self, harm to another or harm from someone. It is our obligation to protect you and others around you.

I understand my services are conducted by video, phone, computer, in the community and/or inHome. By starting counseling with a provider, I agree to this type of interaction. The provider agrees to interact with my family from a private office to promote confidentiality of mine and/or my family’s services. Participant(s) and provider will agree upon a video program.

GoalsProgram Goals:
1. COPING SKILLS: Learn appropriate ways to manage difficult situations, feelings, conflicts, and behaviors. Provider will talk with youth/family identifying needs and work towards goals and strategies of stabilization.

Youth will work collaboratively with family, provider and team.

Youth will work on communication needs and positive interactions with family.

4. Linkage(s) to the Community. Identifying local resources and linkages in the community for the family and identified person’s needs.

General / Specific Consents

General Release of information: By starting telehealth services, I give permission for my provider to communicate with PerformCareNJ (state insurance), CSOC of Care Management Organization-CMO and Mobile Response-MRSS (authorizing agency) and/or my private insurance (authorizing agency). JIS providers also meet with supervisors within this agency and/or supervision associated to this agency. 

Specific Release of information Form: In some cases, the Jersey Innovative Services provider will need to contact others outside the team. To authorize the phone call or the use of video conferencing, I/we will authorize with this release information below for my provider. [When filling out this release a response is “required” in each box and may not be an authorization. If you do not authorize this provider to contact the representative, type n/a.]

Paper Release of information Form 📝: Another form for authorizion(s) of services for release information.

Court Release of Information Form 📝: In other situations, someone may contact the Jersey Innovative Services provider for a clinical summary or participation in service. Parent(s)/Adults would use this form to release information about their services.

Press submit. Information sent confidentially.
Consent is valid (until one year from today)


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