Agreement for Services
Mentoring with Jersey Innovative Services

What You can expect from mentoring

1. Mentoring is designed to help your child successfully integrate into activities available to your child and make positive connections within your community that allow him/her to interact with others well with others. Our program also may put a mentor in to assist parents. 

2. Your Mentor is a member of your Child/Family team. You can help in determining the child/parent goals for Mentoring. We appreciate your thoughts and we want to include you on how to make the situation more successful. You should expect your Mentor to attend your Team meetings, communicate with the CMO Care Manager, and/or participate by conference call. 

3. Mentoring can be either one-to-one or group time with a trained adult Mentor. You will decide in your Child/Family team which type of Mentoring is needed. 

4. The Mentor should set a schedule with you that is convenient for your family. If the Mentor’s schedule does not coincide with yours, then another Mentor needs to be found. Contact your CMO Care Manager as soon as possible and let the team know. 

5. If you appreciate the services and are happy with the support, please contact your CMO Care Manager and let them know mentoring has been helpful and supportive. If you have concerns about your Mentor, or are unhappy with the service, report the information to your Care Manager as your as possible. Your Care Manager will discuss the issue with the Mentor Agency. You will not lose the services as a result.

Is a way to help support and get your child/the parent positively connected to the family and community.

Is not  a way to get supervision for your child, babysitting or get him/her out of the house. 


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