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220px-SNice.svg JIS New Hire Application

—> RETURN all documents 1-8/9 in one email to HR info@workingwithfamilies.com

1. Form Admin

2. Form ADD Staff to JIS

3. 2 written recommendation letters 

4. Digital face photo for JIS ID  

5. Car: photo copy of driver’s license (all), copy of car insurance (in home staff)

6. Copy of highest diploma/degree and professional licenses

7.  Form W4 2021 from IRS website

8.  Form JIS packet print and sign


9.  Student Interns/Therapists need Malpractice Insurance as a counselor or social worker. Newly licensed therapists need a Letter from your supervisor if you have outside JIS supervision for LAC/LSW licensure.


If you are applying for a position with the Afghan Refugees, please fill out this addition Afghan form sent directly to the JIS Afghan coordinator🌞.

—> When your application is complete for a mentor, BA and therapist- contact Erika on Mondays with openings 

Working at JIS

Director Erika 

BA Group Supervisor Barbara

Mentor Supervisor Lorena

Afghan Coordinator

Spanish Liaison

I will let Erika🙋🏻know by email every Monday if I need more clients

I will submit my time sheet   🤹🏻‍♂️ to Erika weekly with notes and sdfs

I will  🧙🏻‍♂️ talk to Erika when I have concerns of client harm, harm to client or client hurting another

I will schedule with Erika CYBER training 💻and my access

After receiving the Referral: 

1. Send a Hello text to the parent within one hour “Hi (parent name), my name is <<insert name>> and I am going to be your child’s therapist (or BA or mentor). What day/time works for you best?”


2. Scheduling first meet & greet with parent when they respond to your text

After parent schedules an appointment with you and before your meet & greet in person or online, you text the parent: “Hi (parent name), I am sending over an agreement for services and release of information online form you can fill out on your phone www.workingwithfamilies.com/telehealth. Thanks! <<insert FULL NAME>> (IIC therapist/BA can go out first meeting together. Preferred Telehealth platforms Doxy.me, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)


🤖Teamviewer training with Erika

SEND PAYCHECK WEEKLY with TS, Notes (entire kid word doc) & SDF

Why do I have to send in a Time Sheet weekly? Staff are paid 3 weeks after they submit their TS. It will help keep your TSs organized. How do I know when I will get my TS? 

Time Sheet (TS) template Edna TS#9 2021 from diagnosis codes list

Notes Clinician, BA and Mentor (form from Neley)

— each week send your entire kid word doc by kid

—– not all the notes on one page, not only the weekly note)

PPE SDF form.doc or SDF form.pdf (explained)

Signature SDF form.doc or SDF form.pdf (explained)



JIS Payroll company login (after 1st paycheck)

COVID symptoms, annual JIS protective PPE/masks funds $100 (vaccinated employees also)

Referral Bonus of new employee(s) to JIS $50 

Travel stipend for in person services $10 per kid


Electronic child’s record CYBER login (training after 3 paychecks)

Clinicians entering treatment plans

How do I search for my kid in CYBER?

Where do I find information about the kid, family and providers in CYBER?

How do I post a clinical or meeting note in CYBER?

SUPERVISION form to consent videotaping and/or audiotaping a counseling session

Consent to release kid’s records, lawyer, DCPP report or Judge ASK JIS FIRST👮‍♀️👩‍⚖️


—> RETURN all documents in one email as two attachments to Erika

Documents: Release, Notes (as a .doc or pdf) and SDFs

Label the subject line JKing_5.12.2021_StaceyJohnson

—Child’s first initial and last name_date closed_Your Name

Closing file example -coming soon


Behavioral Assistant (BA)

Create a JIS training profile for BA thru Rutgers 📝directions

then click on course search> university behavioral health care

Create BA account for Certification 

1. BA/IIC Orientation (Day class) paid $50 per class completion

2. Online: Cultural Competence

3. Online: Developmental Task

4. Online: DSM 5

5. Online: Safety in the Community

6. Online: Positive Behavioral Support

7. NJ Wraparound (Day Class)

☑️ BA Certification paid $200 at completion


Will I have enough hours before the course is over? Yes, keep a daily chart of interning for you and your supervisor, weekly chart for your university, and email Erika every Monday when you want more direct contact hours. 

How do I get direct contact hours- face to face with children & families? Clinical Assistant, Counseling Intern, 4 Shadowing of 4 different providers, Co-Therapy, Specialty Teams, Mentoring, Telehealth

How do I get indirect contact hoursTrainings, Research, Case management, Charting, “Resourcing” building resource network, Individual and Group supervision, Training with Erika

What am I learning at JIS? Professionalism, Counseling and Social Working, Boundaries, Cultural competence, Diversity, Ethics, Legal, Crisis Intervention, Active listening skills, Diagnosing, Clinical notes, Time management, Supervision, Malpractice, HIPAA protocols, Team building, Theory, Lower level and Higher level needs, Family centered practices, and different activities of a Licensed clinician as an intern


I don’t know what I am doing? Not expected. Interns are under the supervision and trainings of JIS providers, we will teach you as we go through the semester.  Have more questions, call Erika 🕿

Licensed Clinicians

FREE ARC Training from PESI and JIS to all staff with CEUs

LSW 👢 Licensure exam prep

NJ website to start LAC application, paper application

Support Harbor House🏘️runaway shelter in Toms River, New Jersey with Amazon smile

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