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220px-SNice.svg JIS New Hire Application

After submitting a New Hire application: 

1st Welcome! 

2nd REVIEW this portal

3rd create a google doc for your paycheck

4th share by copying the 2023 Annual Time Sheet doc link in an email to Erika

5th ORDER staff ID 

6th REVIEW kid paperwork

7th CONTACT your supervisor

🌻When can I start? BAs email Tiffany and IICs email Erika on Mondays for kiddos

After receiving the Referral: 

FIRST CHECK CYBER. Is the child authorized to JIS a. Open your child’s file in CYBER b. Left hand side “Authorization” tab, c. Look for Jersey Innovative Services dates d. Therapists H0036 Auth and e. Behavioral Assistants H2014. Write down Medical Number and End Date of your authorization. Put info on your time sheet. 


SECOND Send a Hello Text TEXT to the parent within one hour “Hi (parent name), my name is <<insert name>> and I am going to be your child’s therapist (or BA or mentor). What day/time works for you best?”


THIRD Scheduling first meet & greet TEXT with parent when they respond to your text. After parent schedules an appointment with you and before your meet & greet in person or online, you text the parent: “Hi (parent name), I am sending over an agreement for services and release of information online form you can fill out on your phone www.workingwithfamilies.com/telehealth. Thanks! <<insert FULL NAME>>

Learning about your Authorization Referral: 

1. My kid is not in Cyber? Email your CM — “Hi <<CM name>>, I do not see our kiddo in CYBER <<kid’s CYBER ID>> because the kid is not attached to JIS yet. I will need to wait until the kid is linked in CYBER before going out in the community. I did reach out to the family and introduce myself already. 

2. Policy 🚨 on referrals 

if the child referral is in cyber, YOU CAN GO
if not in cyber, YOU DO NOT GO!

(except Ocean Mobile Response – GO

either way, contact the family you are assigned to their family

3. Our JIS IIC/BA did not put notes into CYBER???

Send Carol an email with the CYBER ID and the staff name. We will audit the kid file.


4. I am the BA — the IIC did not put in a BA-ISP treatment plan in CYBER??

—-> After the 2nd week of your authorization with no plan, contact your CM “Hi CM, the <<kid’s CYBER ID>> does not have a Tx Plan. Can you contact the IIC to request the treatment plan?”

5. My kid is in CYBER, I have an auth #, but there is no medical number for JIS? Does it look like this example  📑 😲,

you can check the CMs auth too 📑 😲 (1) if the CM has a medical number and JIS does not email performcareNJ for our agency #0169994 and ask them to connect the kids medical number with Jersey Innovative Services authorization 🚨 Ask PerformCareNJ to Fix FORM HERE 🚨“medical” and “other” describe issue in comment box. Or (2) you can check the insurance 📑 😲 and see if there is a 3560 from a past encounter 📑 😲. If there is a past 3560 we need to reach out to the CM to get the medical number updated. 3560’s are from kids with private insurance. 

6. I am JIS provider and I have an authorization of a certain amount of hours. I asked for more time with the family OR the CM asked me if I needed more time with the family during my auth- what do I do? —-> You can have more time/units within a a current auth BUT you must indicate that 2nd auth on your Time Sheet. Email Erika as soon as you see the second auth in your kid’s cyber account. 

🏋️‍♀️BA’s & Interns Training and ✏️ Grant Writing

Supervisors – Counselor/Social Work Barbara & Social Work Ericka & Tiffany

PROMOTION – — when a BA gets their professional license 

—-> you email Carol with your current list of kiddos and their CMs with emails, Carol writes, “Hi CM, the <<JIS staff>> is an in person BA working with the youth. <<JIS staff>> was recently approved by NJ as a licensed clinician!! Can you ask the family if they would like <<JIS staff>> to work as the IIC in person? We will need to restaff <<JIS staff>> as a BA from Jersey Innovative Services as well.

📝Contact KAY for Paperwork & Time Sheet training (directions),📑Parental service release form 

Mondays BA directions HERE 🤹🏻BA Timesheet  + 📋the entire child(ren) word doc file  + 📝SDF 

 IIC directions HERE 🤹🏻Counselor Timesheet  + 📋the entire child(ren) word doc file  + 📝SDF 

📑READ more details📑detailed Kid File information here📑kid diagnosis    2023 calendar

📇Contact Noha for CYBER ID 💻CYBER TRAINING and email name, cel#, BA or License

CYBER search a kid and post a meeting note or general kid information  

Treatment Plan directions, if date today 10/18/22 – 90 days from now is 1/18/23 

Locating your kid’s  Medical card number and Auth end date

🖥️LAUNCH CYBER >> to LOG INTO CYBER🖥️watch a youtube video🖥️

 ☎️📞CYBER login help 877-652-7624 Call PerformCareNJ for Internet Explorer  

🖥️MAC users Contact Erika for assistance with CYBER

🆔Send to Zaara your picture, address for staff ID

👨🏽‍🏫Close a Kid file folder zip to Carol  

🧙🏻Talk to a supervisor when concerns of client harm, harm to client or client hurting another 

👩🏻‍⚖️ASK JIS FIRST if someone asks to release kid’s records – Judge, Lawyer, DCPP, School  

🚨Medical FRAUD is lying saying you were with a kid

Medicaid FRAUD is writing the wrong day or times on your forms🚔

😷ask families if they have COVID or exposed, sanitize your hands after each visit COVID SYMPTOMS

💵Refer a buddy as BA collect $50 OR💵Licensed Clinician or Clinical Supervisor to JIS $200

💵Log into your online payroll portal, company ADP

💵🏖️Employees have ADP Retirement Plan, opt out on mykplan.com/enroll or call 800-695-7526

🤖Human Resources (HR) contact Carol📑READ for more details

📜Earn your license or👮🏽‍♂️Lose your license  (info coming soon)

Please become familiar with your professional boards:

Social Work, M&FT, Counseling, ADC boards

Read know your board regulations and laws:
Social Work regs
Marriage & Family Counseling regs
Mental Health Counseling regs
Drug & Alcohol Counseling regs

$50 bonus
Attend your board’s meeting (say you are an intern at Jersey Innovative!)
Social Work board meetings
Marriage & Family Counseling board meetings
Mental Health Counseling board meetings
Drug & Alcohol Counseling board meetings 

$50 bonus (review and write 2 sentences on 10 professionals and send to Tiffany
admin@jerseyinnovative.com include their name and date of violation)
Find out reasons why people paid fines, violations or lost their license from their board:
Social Work fines & violations
Marriage & Family Counseling fines & violations
Mental Health Counseling fines & violations
Drug & Alcohol Counseling fines & violations

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Reporting abuse
Name of child on documents names
Cyber ID or abbreviation
Texting notes or thoughts of clients