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220px-SNice.svg JIS New Hire Application

After receiving the Referral: 

1. Send a Hello text to the parent within one hour “Hi (parent name), my name is <<insert name>> and I am going to be your child’s therapist (or BA or mentor). What day/time works for you best?”


2. Scheduling first meet & greet with parent when they respond to your text

After parent schedules an appointment with you and before your meet & greet in person or online, you text the parent: “Hi (parent name), I am sending over an agreement for services and release of information online form you can fill out on your phone www.workingwithfamilies.com/telehealth. Thanks! <<insert FULL NAME>> (IIC therapist/BA can go out first meeting together. Preferred Telehealth platforms Doxy.me, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)

📑READ detailed Kid File information here 

🤖Human Resources (HR) contact Contact CAROL & link to Teamviewer 

🏋️‍♀️BA’s & Interns training info & Clinician Info Counseling Sup Barbara & Social Work Sup Ericka

📝Contact KAY for Paperwork & Time Sheet training 

💻Contact NOHA for CYBER training & CYBER ID with Name, Email, Phone Number, BA or License Type 

🆔Contact ERIKA with your picture and address for staff ID 

😷ask families if they have COVID or exposed, sanitize your hands after each visit COVID SYMPTOMS

🤹🏻Submit Timesheet with notes and sdfs weekly (MAC users) 

👨🏽‍🏫Close a Kid file folder zip to CAROL  

🌻email ERIKA Monday if you need more kiddos 

🧙🏻Talk to a supervisor when I have concerns of client harm, harm to client or client hurting another 

👩🏻‍⚖️Consent to release kid’s records, Judge, Lawyer, DCPP report ASK JIS FIRST  

📜Earn your license or👮🏽‍♂️Lose your license  (info coming soon)

💵Refer a friend as BA collect $50, Licensed Clinician or a Clinical Supervisor to JIS collect $200 if hired 


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